The Story of the Tritium 2025 Logo


The Tritium 2025 committee is proud to celebrate the achievements and the journeys of women and girls in science!

We are excited to share that Anjali Sankar, an OCNI Youth Shadow Council member and University of New Brunswick student, has created the event logo for the Tritium 2025 conference hosted in Canada! Please read her insights behind the design and how she started her journey into STEM.

“My design draws inspiration directly from tritium, embodying its unique properties, as seen in the “glowing” text and the single orbiting electron. The hosting country needed to be shown in the logo somehow, and what better to represent Canada than the iconic red maple leaf? What if I use the maple leaf as the orbiting electron instead? Hence – this final design.”

“Trinidad & Tobago’s economy is centered around petrochemical and petroleum industries, which meant that individuals in these fields surrounded me from an early age. This exposure to persons in the industry led me to decide, during my teenage years, to work towards a career in engineering. I proceeded to study for a BSc. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of the West Indies. Subsequently, I gained hands-on experience working as a maintenance engineer at ammonia and methanol plants. This allowed me to hone my understanding of plant operations and equipment. Seeking further growth in STEM, I embarked on postgraduate studies at the University of New Brunswick, where I am currently completing my MScE in Mechanical Engineering. This is fueled by my fervent drive for continuous improvement and quest to expand my knowledge in the field of engineering.”

Anjali Sankar

Thank You to Our Organizing Committee